AIKA DIH and Motoajo received EU funding for digital experiment

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem in Kainuu

AIKA DIH and Motoajo received EU funding for digital experiment

AIKA Digital Innovation Hub and Motoajo received 95 000 eur EU-funding from DIH World 1st open call for experiments. The joint digital experiment on Green and Digital Forest Service Management aimed at:

1) increasing productivity of forest machine operators by improving order management of liquids & supplies with new digital technologies,

2) exploring real time consumption monitoring of liquids consumed by forest machines,

3) promoting sustainable and safe procedures for employees operating with liquids and

4) ensuring availability of skilled staff for forest machine operators by using VR platforms for showcasing forestry service management.

The main results of the experiment  are:

A sensor-based monitoring system for forestry liquids enabling monitoring of various types of containers  (forestry liquids such as marking dyes, diesel exhaust fluid, fungicide) in remote storage areas. The system was implemented by tank level sensors, LoraWAN data network, mobile app and dashboard. The monitoring system reduces travelling to remote storage areas and results in cost savings in fuel costs.

A virtual job introduction environment for a forest machine operator that increases awareness of circular economy and waste recycling among employee,  reduces amount of incorrectly sorted wast, and involves two ways for job introduction a)self-learning through 360 viewer & open source based solution made with Lapentor, b) guided learning in a virtual meeting space (Matterport, Glue VR space).

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